Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area – A Southern Arizona hidden treasure that stands out amongst the whole nation!

Did you ever dream of finding a pristine, water-filled wilderness hiding in the deserts of Arizona?  Many creatures have!  Some lucky few have found the Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area just outside of Safford, Arizona, one of only two … Continue reading

What You May Not Know about the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Tucson has many treasures, but the Tucson Gem and Mineral show may be the crowning jewel.  Since the 1970’s, gem and mineral professionals, enthusiasts, collectors, and major museums from all over the world come together in little ol’ Tucson in … Continue reading

Why we love Summer in Tucson!

We love Summer in Tucson because everything in general is calmer and more relaxed. Less traffic ~ The absence of our winter tourists, who of course we love, quiets the byways of our town considerably. No crowds to fight at … Continue reading

Spring Activities!

Although Spring does not officially arrive until later this month, it has definitely sprung early in Tucson this year. Wildflowers blooming, milder than average temperatures and that certain something in the air make it a great time to get out … Continue reading