Eggs are not just for breakfast ~

Lately I have been enjoying the virtue of a fried egg or two on top of, well,  just about anything.  Pasta, a corn tortilla slightly crisped with some melted cheese, and salads. This one takes its inspiration from Salade Lyonnaise, with some ingredients I had on hand.  Arugula, red onion, smoked salmon, roasted potatoes, and eggs over easy. Poached eggs are the French tradition, and once I had a marvelous version with a poached egg that had been lightly battered and fried somehow. I love the combination of cold crisp greens and warm runny yoke together. For the greens I simply drizzled some good EVOO and a squeeze of lemon, my go-to salad dressing these days.  A nice summer supper, good and good for you!

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